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Background reports 2014

The Council regularly publishes in-depth background reports on different aspects of fiscal policy. These reports, which are published in the series Studier i finanspolitik, provide valuable input for the Council's annual report and, in addition, contribute to the public debate on economic policy. Two of the 2014 background reports were presented and discussed during a conference on the 11th of June.  

Dirk Niepelt (Professor of Economics at the University of Bern and Director of Study Center Gerzensee) presented the report Financial Policy Pdf, 1.2 MB, opens in new window., which was commented by Per Krusell (Professor of Economics at Stockholm University).

Bertil Holmlund (Professor of Economics at Uppsala University) and Niklas Bengtsson (Ph.D. Uppsala University) presented the report Löner, sysselsättning och inkomster - ökar klyftorna i Sverige? Pdf, 810.9 kB, opens in new window., which was commented by Stefan Fölster (Adjunct Professor and Head of the Reform Institute) och Irene Wennemo (Ph.D. in Sociology and Editorial Writer for Aftonbladet).

Dirk Niepelt's presentation Pdf, 63.6 kB, opens in new window.
Per Krusell's presentation Pdf, 148.2 kB, opens in new window.